This now legendary DJ became known for spinning abstract dance and industrial drum n bass creations throughout the 90's and more recently operates under the moniker fish.the experimenting more with sci-fi tweaked minimalism. Fish started out teaming up with other local sound technicians Lim Giong and Stingray to host parties around Taiwan and eventually formed the production company Fluid Mix together. His knowledge of the field brought him to co-author 2001: Generation E, the first Chinese language electronic music guide.

Fish often performs solo or collaboratively with other DJs, vocalists and musicians, often under a visual backdrop provided by local VJs at electronic music events like Her-He and Campo. In late 2006, he joined Bedroom Riot, an avant techno-fetishist collective made up of several of key musicians from some of the bands that spearheaded the Taiwan indie music scene. Propelling electronic arts on the island since the 90's, Fish continues to be a big name among his peers and newcomers alike.

fish.the, Dizzy with VJ AZZ - Live at The Underworld



Fish & The Bedroom Riot - 2007

VA - Silent Agreement 1 - Silent Agreement - 2003
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