When this entourage of musicians from Taiwan's first wave of experimental indie bands gets together, get ready for a shocking barrage of punk-fused darkwave and electroclash smacked by trash-goth fetishism. Bedroom Riot consists of Mei and Xiao Bao from the seminal indie girl band Lady Bug and Xiao Yao who previously made noise with Bad Daughter and Varo. Additional members include visual artist Dizzy, 1976 drummer Da Shi Xiong and Qiu Sheng who also plays guitar with the metal band 666. Rounding out the super group is Fish, a legendary local DJ and sound artist who is known for his work with Lim Giong for their production team Fluid Mix.

Since Bed Room Riot's first show at the Underworld in October of 2006, they have intrigued the media and concert goers alike. For instance, a simple Youtube video got them invited to Beijing for the Midi Festival. Their avant garde approach not only bends genre, but also involves theatrics and visual stimulation which are always in flux. With performances featuring heavy electronica and thrashing masturbatory intensity, not to mention SM gear, their CD/DVD set would be worth checking out if you can't make it to their show.

Live at the Underworld



There's a party in their pants


Fish & The Bedroom Riot - 2007