Forming in 2004, Digihai played often at places like the Underworld and Lim Giong's outdoor Her-He party as an indie band with electric guitars, mixers, samplers and occasional live drumming. At first, their sound combined elements of 80's synth pop, post punk, dance rock and occasional hip hop stylings. After the addition of laptop artist Ping Jam in 2006, the group began to focus on different forms of electronica including drum n bass and hard dance.

Throughout 2004, Digihai honed their skills at the underground dance party Her-He alongside bands like Claire and Emily. Also in that year they joined festivals like the battle of the bands at Ho-Hai-Yan, and in 2005, they played songs like their infectious New Order influenced "Chemical Brain" to a massive audience at Spring Scream Dog as bottle rockets screamed to the sky behind them. Recently Digihai has become tighter in their digital mixing, more at ease on stage and a major player among the Taiwan indie-electronic scene.

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Self Titled - 2007

VA - Like a Star - Silent Agreement/Come With Us - 2008
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