Starting out his remarkable career as a folk pop singer associated with the New Taiwan Songs movement, Lim Giong went on to become a producer, composer, actor and is currently a DJ at the forefront of the Taiwanese electronic music scene. After his first two albums, he began experimenting with electronic music and soon intertwined Chinese and Taiwanese folk songs and melodies with modern techno genres such as breakbeat, ambient and drum n bass. One of my earliest experiences with Taiwan music was catching a video from Lim Giong's 2003 album Folk Paradise while watching Channel [V] through bleary eyes. I was immediately drawn into the traditional melody enveloped in fuzzy electronica and robot-like vocal effects. Later I would learn that Lim Giong was a figurehead among the indie arts in Taiwan, not only for his discography, but also for composing scores for the island's most prominent film directors and supporting local musicians by hosting the outdoor Her-He parties in Taipei.

Throughout 2004, I went to Lim Giong's Her-He parties which featured electronica influenced indie bands like Nylas, Digihai and Claire along side his own party crew often consisting of Fish, Zeus and Stingray. Over the years, Lim Giong has appeared at music fests like Formoz and Autumn Tiger as well as international events in places as far reaching as China and France where he performed selections from his most recent album Insects Awaken at the Cannes Film Festival. Recently Lim Giong has been involved in Creative Commons and Campo, an art faire that includes electronic music. More recently, he has entered the Taiwan underground hip hop scene doing remix work for both Kou Chou Ching and Chang Jui-chuan. Ever moving onward and upward, DJ Lim Giong continues to prove he is a legend in Taiwanese music history.

Folk Paradise



Insects Awaken - 2005

Folk Paradise - 2003

China Fun - 2002

Mix work on KOU CHOU CHING - KOU!!! It's Coming Out! - Thirty-Seven Degrees Productions - 2008
Available at Pacifiction Records!