MullBomb is an artist, designer and, despite originating from Central Asia, he has found himself at the forefront of a non-conventional experimental electronic music movement in Taiwan. By recording and performing live, NullBomb succeeds in making rough sounding grindcore, hard dance and experimental ambient compositions. His netlabel, Kusoj Technik Klub has brought together several artists around the world including KbN, Aonomi, DJ Nathan, Sonic Dead Horse and Go Chic under the Creative Commons License in order to release downloadable material and organize events.

NullBomb can be seen performing often with electro project KTK, and has collaborated in the past with punks and DJs alike. Preferring live sound to mix downs, much emphasis is placed on the intensity of performance which, in the case of NullBomb, often draws elements of metal and hardcore into its sphere.

NULL BOMB's KTK project