Using laptops and live vocals, Nylas began making downtempo electronica and trip hop influenced music in the early 2000s. They also appeared in independent films like the post-apocalyptic sci-fi venture "Lamb" where they provided eerie background music. In 2003 Nylas won a talent competition held by the French department store FNAC and consequently were invited to release their first EP "Where Are You My... Dear Uncle K?" on the company's label. Since then, the laptop unit has incorporated indie pop tones, elevating them out of the darker corners of electronic music to the bright and mellow flurries found on the Sunny Circus single.

Primarily a duo made up of laptop technician Arny and dreamy vocalist Lapen, Nylas would often perform alongside electronica artists like Punk Can and DJ Tom. Typically Arny and his cohorts would stare raptly at their laptop screens and Lapen would intermingle performance art into her airy singing. During one Underworld performance, the laptop tweakers were all attached to the ceiling by strands of yarn that Lapen gradually cut them free of, and on another occasion, the group was seated behind sheets of paper that the singer doodled on throughout the set. Recently their set has taken on a more natural tone with live acoustic guitars and percussion. Lapen and Arny also make up the core of esoteric indie pop band We Save Strawberries and have kept both groups going on and off for the past decade.

"Love for Free" - Live




Sunny Circus - Silent Agreement - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!

Where are you my Dear Uncle K? - FNAC - 2004

VA - Grass Fest 2007 - Silent Agreement - 2003
Available at Pacifiction Records!