Kev Lee of Leek Records and activist punk band Consider the Meek started Anti-Pop! in the winter of 2007 as an initiative to bring foreign punk bands to Taiwan, an island often over looked by groups touring Asia. Due to the success of Consider the Meek's show at The Wall with the classic California punk band NOFX, Kev started planning Anti-Pop! as a way of keeping the momentum going. These events are often held at the APA 808 Lounge in Ximen Ding in Taipei and Groove City in Taichung, occasionally with the support of local subcultural outfitter Chaos Punk.

The first Anti-Pop! was held November 2007 in Taipei with the all-girl Japanese pop punk group Akiakane, themselves no strangers to the island having joined the Say Yes to Taiwan and Spirit of Taiwan events over the past several years. Tokyo monster RnR band The Vickers, also veterans to Taiwan, played the second Anti-Pop! in early 2008, and Last Target made a successful appearance over the summertime. Each show consists of a score of local bands which has included Consider the Meek, The Hand Knife Club, Rabbit is Rich, The Hindsight, Kenny from Casino among many others, all supporting the visiting headliner. While all the guest bands have been from Japan so far, Leek Records is also looking to feature punk acts from other countries as well.



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