Being a fan of DJ Lim Giong's traditional-meets-modern electronica album Folk Paradise, I was looking out for his name when I arrived in Taiwan in 2004. I found a flyer for a free outdoor party he was hosting at the Hua-Chung Bridge Riverside Park and decided I had to go and see what it was all about. Getting to this lonely corner of the southwest outskirts was a bit of a challenge; but once there, I followed the bridge past karaoke picnic parties to the last open tennis court where beats came resonating from. Under the bridge I found a DJ booth by the near wall, the visual manipulations of a VJ projected above and a small crowd milling about and dancing. Not limited to the techno and electronica of the party staff which has included DJs Lim Giong, Fish, Zeus and Stingray, the event regularly featured indie bands like Digihai, Emily, Claire and Nylas.

Her-He was held monthly throughout 2004 and I believe it has been going steadily since then. The website is in Chinese characters, but will have recent events connected to Lim Giong and Her-He posted in the forums. If you hear of one while you're in Taipei, it's definitely recommended to go for the legendary talent and obscure artists you will find there.

Lim Giong, Zeus & Stingray