During 2008, nearly once a month or so artists and musicians gathered around the octagonal Red House in Taipei's youth center Ximen Ding for live music and a street fair. Having taken the name from "white label" dance records manufactured without an identifying label, the series hopes to become analogous with spontaneity and an underground ideology that can't be readily defined.

So far White Label has included a host of DJs, performers and bands that have included DJ Lim Giong, Tomodachi, Easy Shen, Horny Cigarettes, Emily and Go Chic to name just a few. The burgeoning scene has even merited a compilation CD called Like a Star released by Silent Agreement in collaboration with the event's music annex Come With Us. While the rest of Ximen is buzzing with trendy fashions, White Label offers something a little more homespun. With a kaleidoscope of musical sounds and myriad handmade knickknacks to peruse, White Label is worth a stop for those wanting to peek into Taipei's indie arts scene. While the street fair has recently halted, the organizers have continued to promote indie sounds with an internet radio program.