In the late 90's, a group of foreigner chicks got together to jam in Taichung and ended up writing some folky acoustic pop songs with tongue-in-cheek lyrics about life in Taiwan sung in both English and Chinese. After getting the attention of Taiwan Colors Music, they recorded a song for the local label's monthly release featuring foreigners on Taiwan. While having no steady line-up, the group assimilated numerous women of various talents during their existence, thus incorporating a wild variety of sounds including rapping, didgeridoo, shaker & tambourine percussion and acoustic strumming.

During their existence, 69 Across put out a CD entitled Rose-Colored Clashes mixed by Wade Davis of .22 fame and cover art by Bloodstone mastermind Leon. They also joined Spring Scream yearly, performed at the the Ho-Hai-Yan Festival and played Nuno's in Taichung numerous times. Essentially a loose knit group of friends that came and went, and bonded over the same experience of being expressive women in Taiwan, 69 Across are remembered as one of the early expat jam groups.

"No I Haven't" - Live at Nuno's


Rose Colored Ashes - 2001

VA - Foreigners on Taiwan TCM014 - Taiwan Colors Music - 2001