The Texas twins had already had some experience with nerd rock from their previous band Out of Towns before they moved to Taiwan to study Chinese. They met up with Canadian native Jason Copps in beautiful Ilan County who had been experimenting with noise rock in his own band back home. They found the right combination of geeky image, rockstar posturing and punk-fueled power pop to become a novel hit in the local indie scene over the next few years, due in no small part to their ability to write and sing catchy originals in Mandarin Chinese! Several of these surfy songs about teen anxiety and the like can be found on their self released EP Here Comes Happiness...

The Daymakers often played big festivals including Spring Scream and Formoz alongside local bands like The Peppermints and Lost in Vega. The twins' matching suits, identical side burns and mirror-image stage moves created a surreal effect which was enhanced by their colorful guest dancers and onstage banter in Chinese between songs. The Daymakers also deserve a special note for being shut down during a police raid targeting foreign performers resulting in a short term ban on expat bands at the Underworld. Since those good times, The Daymakers have rotated line-up letting Jason take the helm as frontman in The Deadly Vibes.

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Here Comes Happiness... - 2003