The Deadly Vibes are comprised of the same members as The Daymakers with a slight rotation taking the Texas geeks JT and JD out of the spotlight and putting Jay Copps in the frontman position. The result is Jay's twangy southern punk backed by a tight rhythm section only identical twins could provide. Since 2005 The Vibes have polished their demo material and put out a self-released CD entitled It Feels So Good... I wanna Do It Again. More recently, the band pressed their hip shaking single "Get Your Kicks" to a 7 inch record and are also expected to appear on The Taiwan Undersound film project.

Heralded by their flashy pulp art show fliers, The Deadly Vibes have played up and down the island at festivals like the Spring Scream and numerous live houses, often with similar rock 'n' roll style bands like 130 Dollars, ElectroCute and Fullhouse. In 2006, the band toured Korea and China making friends along the way. They also made a short visit to Japan in 2008 playing with some of the best bands in the garage scene including the Gimme Shake's, The Fly & Miss Tarantula, The Go-Devils and Ed Woods. They embarked on their first European tour in early 2009, and later that year they supported one man band Bob Log III at the Urban Nomad Film Festival in Taipei. The Deadly Vibes remain a current favorite on Taiwan for those who can't resist to shake it!

Live in Korea



Get Your Kicks! - 7" EP - 2009

Feels So Good... I Wanna Do It Again - 2004
Available at Pacifiction Records!