The Deported were a hardcore phenomenon that arose out of a few friends sticking it out in Taipei's often drab environment in need of serious punk. Consisting of members from the US, Canada, France and Taiwan, their name plays on the threat they all faced at some point and some even lived through. Lead vocalist Andy penned songs about international crisis as on the anti-war anthem "New Army" and local banalities alike taking a crack at the trendy teen district on the cynical "Semen Ding" while the band whipped up a mix of old school punk and hardcore. The Deported recorded a slew of demo songs and appeared on a Leek Records split alongside expat band Consider the Meek and local punks DGS before disbanding in 2007.

The Deported began playing shows at local farmers' markets and street fairs as well as the pub circuit. They became known for Andy's confrontational tactics with the audience, and for a period they wore masks to avoid and simultaneously protest a crackdown on foreign musicians. Striking friendships with the wacky Japanese ska band Mimie-Chan and spazz punk trio Dynamite Club, they helped make some memorable Spring Screams happen. In 2005, The Deported set out on their Asian Flu tour of South East Asia visiting some of the most alive punk scenes on the planet, and in 2007 they embarked upon a two week tour of Hong Kong and Japan. While The Deported live on in legend, you can still see what the members are up to on their Myspace profile which is sporadically updated.

"New Army" Live at Spring Scream 2006



Leek Split Series 1 - Leek Records - 2004
Available at Pacifiction Records!