This trio of fun lovin' Canucks have become a hit in their home base of Tainan and are quickly gaining a following all over the Taiwan! Caleb a.k.a. Ricky Business writes some catchy, often tongue-in-cheek punk songs while Adam Drastic and Dan Bei on drums and bass respectively, provide a steady rhythm section. The result is a band that runs the gamut from skate punk to indie rock including Stooges influenced old school. They have recorded a couple self-released demos that are worth picking up at their shows.

Divebomb often plays out in Tainan City at places like Join Us, Rolling Stone and the Armory alongside other southern Taiwan based bands like ElectroCute and Fullhouse. However, they often make it up to Taipei to join events like Leek Record's Anti Pop! They have also been a fun attraction at expat organized events including May Jam, Peace Fest and Spring Scream where they bring their humor to the stage, on occasion in Chippendale attire!

"Country Buck" - MV