The peace rock and social awareness group Militant Hippi arose out of the artistic compound and guest house in Taichung known as the Dakeng Refuge. Weekly multi-instrumental jams resulted in a band that served to vent the confrontational views of longtime Taiwan resident Boston Paul while simultaneously allowing for some funky musical creation that incorporates spoken word, reggae and improv jamming. Paul also writes for local rags about natural health alternatives often targeting corporate greed and government manipulation.

After countless Dakeng Refuge jams, Militant Hippi forged forged friendships among the expat activist environmentalist communities. They often play charity events like Basic Aid and Peace Fest as well as parties like May Jam and have even joined underground music events including the punk rock showcase Anti-Pop! and the Deadly Vibes' traveling Rock 'n'Roll Circus. Wherever Militant Hippi goes, they are sure to heighten consciousness while bringing good times along the way.