This epic dance funk band formed around 2000 in Taichung and took the island by storm with a frantic rhythm-based whirlwind of reggae, surf and world beat embellished by whirring didgeridoo and horn blasts. They recorded a seven song EP also contributed to the 2001 Taiwan Colors Music compilation Foreigners on Taiwan along with fellow Taichung residents the all-girl band 69 Across. Despite a long run consisting of many high energy performance and eager fans, Milk has not played a show since 2005.

Often appearing at large festivals like Ho-Hai-Yan, Formoz and Spring Scream, Milk became known for the vibrant groove of their stage performance which included freaky dancers, funky costumes and non-stop enthusiasm that the audience wildly reciprocated. On the live house circuit, they usually shared the bill with 69 Across and psychobilly band Chicken Rice, and were fast friends with the similarly flamboyant Japanese ska band Mimie-Chan on their visits to the island. No sour memories here.

Live at Grooveyard


VA - Foreigners on Taiwan TCM014 - Taiwan Colors Music - 2001