After visa complications separated Jun, a Malaysian, and her Israeli boyfriend Tomer from their life in NYC together, they decided to meet up again in Taipei where the couple settled comfortably picking up their lives where they left off while continuing their musical past-time in a soulful indie rock band called Neon. Taking the lead role, Jun sings and plays mostly acoustic guitar with Tomer on lead guitar and a rhythm section comprised of Singaporean Johnny Ong Eng Keng on drums and local Xiao San on bass, making Neon a multinational effort. After appearing on a 2006 Rock Records compilation, the band completed their first full length album entitled Exit with the help of local legend Bobby Chen in 2008. Striking videos from this release have been aired on local MTV.

Neon are known for performing around the island's more mellow folk-oriented festivals like Peace for Peace (in 2005 Jun performed while pregnant!), as well as more wild events like Spring Scream. Their folky blend of soul and rock can be heard at venues including the Witch House and Riverside Cafe in Taipei as well as occasional Eslite bookstore performances. And if you are in Taipei, be sure to stop by Jun and Tomer's Israeli restaurant Sababa Pita Bar!

"Exit" - MV



Neon's 'EXIT' focuses on the forces in life


Exit - 2007