A young couple from San Francisco moved to Taipei and formed a band with some friends they met staying at a youth hostel. That's the history, now here's the hitch: comprised of keys, saxophone, bass and drums and soul-searing vocals, New Hong Kong Hair City is going for the best rock sound they can grab sans six string guitars. The result is a driving prog rock sound that has elements of post punk and new wave. Their recent self-released effort Walk On is a testament to the hard work they put in while only being on the island a relatively short time.

Often performing with fellow expat bands including Public Radio, Consider the Meek and Divebomb at venues across the island, the group has recently sparked interest in the local scene as well as making fast friends with power pop trio Kenny from Casino and epic indie rockers Black Faith With Sonic Pace. After playing festivals like Spring Scream and Peace Fest in 2008, New Hong Kong Hair City embarked upon the Walk On tour to support their first release.

"State the Crowd" - Live



Walk On - 2008