Point 22 are continuing in a rich tradition of expat wackiness brought to us by previous Taichung funksters Milk and Dribdas. Comprised of Spring Scream organizer and former Dribdas guitarist Wade Davis, Steve Taylor also from Dribdas and Pete Holmes previously from Milk on drums, the trio are well steeped in the Taiwan music scene going back to its emergence with local bands like Ladybug and 88 Balaz. They have recorded two self-released CDs of their comedically irreverent, reggae influenced and anti-disco funk rock songs.

Since performing for an immense Spring Scream audience in 2005, Point 22 has played up and down the island at beach parties, live houses and festivals often alongside fellow expat attractions The Deported and The Deadly Vibes. They even won a battle of the bands held by local English radio station ICRT. The humor found in their bilingual lyrics as well as their stage antics, zany outfits and cross cultural funk reaches out to all who can find them on Taiwan or beyond.




Point 22 - 2004