THC - Taipei Hip Hop Crew

Dubiously named, THC refers to the Taipei Hip Hop Crew, an international group of rappers, DJs and mixers that promote hip hop culture on Taiwan. Making use of urban beatboxing and freestyling skills alongside turntablist techniques, THC's method gives Taiwan's average mainstream music listener a true perspective of the underground hip hop that they draw influence on. Furthermore, the diversity in nationalities represented, including members from the US, Canada, Nepal and Taiwan, adds another dimension to their collective persona with multilingual rhymes being weaved in English, French and Mandarin. THC cut their first album Countdown to Unsound in 2008 and the crew recently helped out Shaman, one of their prolific MC's of mix Taiwanese and American decent, on his solo album Shamanizm.

The Taipei Hip Hop Crew formed in 2006 after MC BabbleOn and DJ Vast who were hosting an open mic at the now closed Living Room met Shaman and decided to focus on making original music in an underground hip hop mold. As THC grew in number, they started appearing and also organizing events at venues like Bliss and Roxy Vibe, a Taipei nite club that recently began to feature live music again, alongside expat artists such as Dr. Reniculous Lipz and DJ Marcus Aurelius. However, the group has also gained the respect of homegrown celebrities including MC HotDog and the TriPoets. Combing mysticism, street smart attitude and a bit of cunning linguistics, THC have risen to be a premier attraction on the open mic circuit and in the Taipei club scene.

Live at Riverside Cafe



Tha Shaman flying solo

High on THC


Shaman feat. THC - Shamanizm - 2009

Countdown to Unsound - 2008