Consisting of longtime residents of Taipei's after hours art scene centered at The Underworld, To A God Unknown started life as an indie rock group called The Message. After several members returned from persuing adventure in Japan, they formed the an instrumental post-rock group taking their name from John Steinbeck's mystic novel. Being influenced by British shoegazer groups, To A God Unknown make epic soundscapes with various guitar effects and warped vocalizations as well as live electronics supplied by DJ Nathan. Recently recorded tracks for a forthcoming EP are available via their Myspace profile.

To A God Unknown have etched a name for themselves playing the Taipei live house circuit at venues like Bliss, Velvet Underground and The Wall, often organizing post-rock events with local bands. They are also well known in the expat scene making yearly appearances at Spring Scream and Peace Fest and also had the opportunity to open for the Dirty Three on their 2006 visit to Taiwan.

"Journal of the Gun Years" - Live