Previously know as Doberman Pinscher, an outfitter for Mod and skinhead fashion that also dealt with vintage accessories and CDs as well, owner Wei changed the shop's image slightly and now imports mostly designer clothes from Italy. A local skin nick-named Ska Boy took me through the back streets near Zhongshan station where we were met by a mirrored scooter standing sentinel outside the shop. When I stepped inside I stood in awe of the scrapbook decor made up of Quadrophenia posters, clippings from Japanese 60's magazines and mod regalia. The small selection of CDs for sale included mostly compilations of 60's mod, second wave ska, soul and even some surf. Unfortunately, selling ultra cool retro music wasn't going well, and now Wei only assists with mail ordering music. On visiting the new 9t's Shop, I noticed the interior had become slightly austere with less pop culture decoration and more emphasis on high end fashion.

In the early days of Doberman Pinscher, Wei threw a couple Mod parties which featured local retro groups like rockabilly band Sugar Lady and even organized Taipei's own Mods Mayday scooter run taking after the nationwide Japanese Mod tradition. More recently, the 9T's Shop has become the outfitter of local groups like 60's stylized pop rock group Won Fu and power pop trio Kenny from Casino. Located two minutes from Zhongshan station in Taipei, 9T's Shop is an attraction for hip tourists as well as local gents.