Part of a three venue franchise operated by Chaos Punk Co. Ltd which also includes Psycho Nerds and the music bar Vicious Circle, the Chaos Punk Store located off Zhong Xiao East Rd. in a central shopping area of Taipei supplies punk gear and CDs to the city's subcultural youth. Specializing in mostly '77 punk fashion, the shop carries a variety of subcultural imported brands including Cream Soda leather Jackets, Hellcatpunks gear and items from Rockin' Jelly Bean's Erostika. Chaos Punk is a nice stop for visiting rockers because of its knowledgeable staff, and the occasional Taipei punks hanging out that aren't absorbed by the trendiness of the scene.

In the past, Chaos Punk Co. Ltd. organized a local event called Vicious Circle Nite with diverse punk bands like Sugar Lady, SM, Consider the Meek and Hotpink. The company even tried their hand at being a record label with the release a CD by local ska punk outfit Spunka. More recently, Chaos has sponsored several of Leek Record's Anti- Pop! events as well as taken advantage of mainstream punk success by bringing MTV phenoms Simple Plan to Taipei for a stadium concert. Chaos Punk also runs a live house and bar at the new Vicious Circle site down the block from the Chaos shop where local up-and-coming bands are periodically featured.