Situated in an unsuspecting corner of Taipei's youth shopping district of Ximending, there is an unlikely outpost for crust, anarcho and hardcore punks called Liberated Rhythms. The shop deals mostly in crusty fashions including studded denim jackets, bondage pants, rock T's and other subcultural accessories, but also spreads DIY ethics through literature on veganism and animal rights. Liberated Rhythms carries a small selection of underground hardcore, D-beat and grind records from bands like Amebix, Discharge, Varukers and Napalm Death, and is also known to support the growing number metal and hardcore crossover bands by selling their demos, releases and assorted merch. Local bands like Bazooka, Total Disruption and Rampancy have connections to the store through members that work there and flyers for their shows are handed out at the register. The shop has also taken part in organizing extreme metal and grindcore events like Raw Noise Attack which featured legendary Japanese thrash band Abigail. While the rest of Ximending is sparkling with the latest gaudy trends, punks, metalheads and other misfits can find liberation down at least one a dark alley.