Previously situated in Ximending, Vicious Circle was a clothing shop that mirrored its sister stores in the Chaos Punk Co. Ltd. franchise. While the Chaos shop specialized in '77 punk and Psycho Nerds had a 70's rock theme, Vicious Circle carried more mod, ska and rockabilly gear as well as the usual Cream Soda, Hellcatpunks and Miracle Woman items. However, Vicious Circle moved to another location closer to the Chaos shop off Zhong Xiao East Rd. in central Taipei and is now a 50's diner style bar and live house.

Flyers for Vicious Circle Nite advertising local bands like Sugar Lady, Consider the Meek, SM and Hotpink still hung on the store front at the previous location in Ximending long after Chaos Punk Co. stopped organizing live music events. Members of Spunka, a ska punk outfit that Chaos Punk Co. was pushing, worked at the shop offering friendly conversation about the local scene and punk in general up until the shop closed. After Vicious Circle reopened as a music bar with checkered decor and rockabilly memorabilia, a new scene of local punk bands emerged around the Chaos franchise.