This one-time only festival took place in the fall of 2004 and was held in the small tourist town of Wulai known for its hot springs and native Atayal population. Autumn Tiger was organized by TRA Music as a way to extend the summer music happenings into the surge of hot weather that comes in mid-autumn in Taiwan. In fact, "autumn tiger" is the Chinese equivalent of an Indian summer in North America. With stages placed around the Wulai Elementary School and nature all surrounding the grounds, the overall vibe was sunny, clear and relaxing. Notable Taiwanese artists included indie pop icons Ciacia and Cheer Chen, who had a gypsy-esque audience dancing around with maracas. LTK Commune gave a typically wild, yet much more light-hearted performance, and DJ Lim Giong headlined the electronic stage with a unique electro groove set that left ravers in awe. Much to the delight of Taiwan's post-rock listeners, Mogwai was a major foreign headliner, as were indie electronica artists Capital K and Tribeca, and breakneck Japanese punk band FC FiVE. The Autumn Tiger Fest also offered a refreshing change of scenery from festivals that are often held at city parks or beach towns letting concertgoers explore the Atayal village with its traditional snacks and indigenous craft souvenir shops.



Rock 'n' roll pow-wow