Grass Fest was first started by the indie label Silent Agreement in 2005 as a means of highlighting the indie pop and neo-folk bands in their catalog. Festival organizer Yi Chin chose the countryside of Yilan County to relocate the indie scene to a more natural setting on the grassy fields of a local elementary school. The festival was even promoted as a light-hearted gathering meant to bring concertgoers back to the childhood with the school grounds, auditorium and classrooms used for performances. As added features, Grass Fest also has indie film screenings and various booths selling handcrafts. Some of the notable local performers to appear have been Freckle, Green!Eyes, Nylas, Vera Queen and Dolly's Pillbox. Silent Agreement has also taken the opportunity to introduce Hong Kong indie bands My Little Airport and The Marshmallow Kisses to Taiwan. Japanese new folk groups Yuyake Lamp and Marikov have also appeared on stage at Grass Fest. Several compilations showcasing Grass Fest bands have been released by the Silent Agreement label offering a feel for the event's summertime indie pop vibe. While not strictly a yearly festival, Grass Fest happens sporadically and seems to grow every time. The 2009 Grass Festival expanded included more stages and a more diverse lineup of bands.



Japan Live in Taiwan (Grass Festival)