Held every May in New York City's Union Square Park to coincide with Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in the United States, Passport 2 Taiwan has been celebrating Taiwanese art, music and culture with live performances, information booths and a simulated night market with authentic Taiwanese street snacks since 2002. The afternoon event offers a venue for Taiwanese Americans to find solidarity while educating passersby and other spectators on Taiwanese traditions. The stage performances include a mix of native and aboriginal Taiwanese and Asian American musicians, dancers and artists demonstrating traditional and modern dance, puppet theatre, Taiwanese opera and folk drumming as well as more modern and multicultural rock bands delving into categories of mainstream and underground fusion. The latter includes Taiwanese American independent artists such as er-hu master Jack Hsu and his heavy rock fusion group The Hsu-nami, and Eric Hsu's mellow indie rock band Johnny Hi-Fi who have both appeared onstage showing the progressive talents of a younger Taiwanese generation. Other young musicians include experimental composer Jen Shyu, singer-songwriter Cynthia Lin and the enigmatic Joker rock violinist. Located in the hub of America's cultural capital, Passport 2 Taiwan has been hailed as one of the most entertaining Asian-themed festival in New York City.