Baseball are a Melbourne-based indie punk band that mixes searing violin with dark rock calling to mind the sounds of Nick Cave, Dirty Three and the Pixies, yet also emanating a distinct Middle Eastern influence. In 2005 they toured Asia making a memorable stop in Taiwan where they performed at the Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival on Fulong beach and frontman Cameron Potts destroyed his violin on stage. In preparation for this trip, Baseball recorded a mini-album and self-released it as their Japan-Taiwan Tour EP. While in Taiwan, they made a connection to the indie-electronica unit Varo and supported their Australian tour later that year. Since then Baseball has been busy with touring Europe and recording their first full-length release Animal Kingdom which came out in 2008.

"Soft Boy" - Live in Finland



Animal Kingdom - 2008

Japan-Taiwan Tour EP - 2005
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