Although currently based in Shenzen, China, the solo artist known as Dirt Star is a bit of a vagabond having wandered North America before becoming situated in Asia where his works have taken on a collaborative aspect spanning the Chinese-speaking world from Beijing to Hong Kong to Taipei. When backed by a band, Dirt Star's originals become an amalgam of thoroughly modern indie rock incorporating aspects of NY garage, electronica, post-punk and surfy sci-fi sounds. After Dirt Star first landed in Taiwan several years ago, he began making friends with musicians in the Taipei indie scene including Floaty (a longtime DJ at the Underworld), Ant, Yen-hui, and Wen Feng who would back him up at live houses like the Living Room, the Underworld and the Wall. Dirt Star's entourage has also followed him down to Kenting for his many appearances at Spring Scream where the they are known for dressing up in shiny space suits and zapping the audience with a sonic freakout. Dirt Star has released two full-length albums on his self-made Bubble Green Tea label. The first of which being The Score was completed with production help from Taiwan indie scene icon Wan Ting, guitarist of influential groups like Tin Pan Alley and Varo and the genius behind 7 Inch Vinyl Records. While Dirt Star spends most of his time in Shenzen, the indie rocker remains a familiar fuzzy-headed face around Taipei at venues like the Underworld where he periodically returns for spacy collaborations.

"Hole in the Universe" - MV






On the Street- Bubble Green Tea - 2007

The Score - Bubble Green Tea - 2005