Providing Hong Kong's indie scene with layered guitar-based rock experimentation that incorporates psychedelic fuzz effects and haunting female vocals, Elf Fatima have become one of the city's acclaimed indie bands. Their increasing popularity has lead them to play some amazing events in Hong Kong including a major concert at the Coliseum and also regular shows hosted by the local Music Colony Bi-weekly magazine. In 2004, Elf Fatima had the chance to open for on of their major influences, the legendary post-rock group Mogwai. The band has also taken several trips to Taiwan performing at the Formoz Festival as well as at The Wall, Taipei's premier live house. Making further connections to the Taiwan indie scene, the Elf Fatima track "破浪" was included on the third Lobo compilation released by seminal indie label White Wabbit Records. The island's underground scene has continuously had a strong post-rock presence and Elf Fatima's contributions are always welcome.

Live at Club Cixi, Hong Kong





Elf Fatima - 2005
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Kill All W - 2001