The Marshmallow Kisses are an indie pop duo consisting of Peter and Edine from Hong Kong whose style is a candy-colored swirl of twee, bossa nova and Shibuya kei. While emanating a world pop vibe, their melodies occasionally take the listener back in time to an imaginary Hong Kong of the 60's, and have consequently gained a following in places as far as North America, England and, of course, Taiwan. By 2005, The Marshmallow Kisses had their CDs distributed on the island by Silent Agreement and were invite by the label to join the Grass Festival, Taiwan's first major indie pop event. Memorable songs like "A-La-Pa-Ti" have even been included on the Grass Festival compilations alongside tracks by local bands Dolly's Pillbox and Freckle. Importing mod style and a colorful patchwork of pop to the island's indie scene, The Marshmallow Kisses have become a favorite among Taiwanese twee fans.




I Wonder Why My Favorite Boy Leaves Me an EP - Silent Agreement (Taiwan) - 2005

VA - Grass Fest 2007 - Silent Agreement - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Grass Fest 2005 - Silent Agreement - 2005