The mass freakout ska ensemble Mimie-Chan first arrived on Taiwan as part of the Tokyo Underground Explosion scene, a group of bands including Fevers and Miracle Saru that started playing around Tokyo in the late 90's and even toured the UK together. Although Fevers had previously attended the catastrophic Broken Life Festival and Miracle Saru had already joined Spring Scream earlier on, Mimie-Chan would become the band to captivate local and expat concertgoers' imaginations for years to come. 2000 was a big year for Mimie-chan during which the band brought their explosive performance art, a whirlwind of brass, spandex and wacky cosplay, first to the stage of Spring Scream and then later to the Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival. They soon became a mainstay at the festival in Kenting making numerous friends over the years with bands like Sticky Rice, .22, The Deported and Dynamite Club who they hang out with whenever they are in Japan. In 2009, members of Mimie-Chan formed the experimental party rock band Juicy Bows and have continued the tradition of bringing their Japanese scene to Spring Scream.

Live at Spring Scream




How Much Do You Weigh? - 2001

みみーちゃん - 2001