First arriving on Taiwan for the 2006 Formoz Festival, Six o'Minus charmed Taiwanese concertgoers with their experimental rock sounds fueled by electronica dub stylings and hypnotic vocals that approach spoken word. The group was warmly welcomed into Taiwanese indie scene by local indie music listeners and underground bands alike leading them to return to the island year after year. At first the group made fast friends with bands like Green!Eyes and SMOL who make up the circle of musicians behind Randommind, a D.I.Y label with mostly CD-R releases. Consequently, Six o'Minus released an early demo in Taiwan on this homespun indie label. On their more recent trips to Taiwan the band has shared the stage with a new generation of high energy Taiwanese electro-rock bands like Shine & Shine & Shine & Shine and The White Eyes. Over the years Six o'Minus has often played major festivals including Spring Scream and Formoz where they have shared the stage with other Japanese bands like Luminous Orange as a well as numerous local indie groups over the years. However, the group has been booking their own tours lately playing more low-key venues like The Underworld, The Wall and Velvet Underground. Six o'Minus has also made connections with Taiwan's cutting edge show promoter Back 2 The Future leading to their inclusion on the organization's homespun compilations. Alongside Groundcover, their Tokyo noise rock peers, Six o'Minus continuously pushed forward in the Japanese scene until lead singer and guitarist Fukasawa Kensuke's untimely death in March 2010. Many fans, friends and fellow musicians between Japan and Taiwan are greatly saddened by his loss which has left a void in the two countries' music communities.

Monster Anime Dub Remix



Mix work on Bury the Sun - Travelin' Word - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!

Demo 2004-2005 - RandomMind Records - 2005

Back 2 The Future Vol. 3 - B2TF - 2009