Snoblind are an indie-electronica duo made up of two bored office workers from Hong Kong named Vincent and Regina who became known for digitally weaving a diverse combination of styles from hip hop to ambient, drum n bass and funk in their spare time. Despite forming as a hobby project, Snoblind has received acclaim in Hong Kong often supporting visiting electronica acts and hanging out with artists like DJ Shadow, who they consider a major influence. The unit has also reached Taiwan's shores numerous times gathering audiences at festivals like Spring Scream and Formoz. Along the way they have made alliances with prominent hip hop and electronica artists in the local scene. Consequently, Snoblind has had the opportunity to remix Kou Chou Ching's "Graffiti from Aliens" which was included on their double disc album KOU!! It's Coming Out!!!. Furthermore, Snoblind's EP Songs in the Key of Hope was released digitally by Taiwanese netlabel Sociopath Recordings, and their CDs are distributed on the island by the indie label Silent Agreement. Snoblind remains a popular attraction in the Taiwan indie scene and they keep coming back to visit.

Live at Tom Lee Carnival



Musica Di Digitalia - Snoblind Music - 2006

Songs in the Key of Hope EP - Sociopath Recordings - 2007

Mix work on KOU!!! It's Coming Out! - Thirty-Seven Degrees Productions - 2008
Available at Pacifiction Records!