The Vickers first brought their monster rock 'n' roll mix of punk and metal to Taiwan in 2004 for the Formoz Festival where they shared the Fire Stage with visiting Japanese bands like S.O.B.U.T. and local punk outfits including Fire Ex. Over the next couple of years, The Vickers made a connection with Kev Lee's Leek Records and appeared on the label's second split alongside the Taiwan-based activist punk band Consider the Meek and legendary pop punk group The Queers. In the winter of 2008, Leek Records brought The Vickers back to the island as a headliner for their second Anti-pop! concert series where they were well received by both local and expat punks.

Since their first appearance on Taiwan, The Vickers have seen several line-up changes. Their original bassist Chisato was once in the girl punk trio Thug Murder along with Ryoko who is currently fronting Last Target. Thug Murder has been particularly influential on Taiwanese punk bands like B.B. Bomb, and Last Target have also toured Taiwan before, once in 2005 and then again as headliner for the third Anti-pop! event. The most recent Vickers line-up has been more active than ever vigorously touring to promote their new album "Sixth Realm of Rebirth," and they have definitely not forgotten about Taiwan.

"Don't Slow Me Down" - MV


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Another Wasted Night - Pig Nose Records - 2006
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Wake Again - Pig Nose Records - 2005
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You're Gonna Be Action!!! - Pig Nose Records - 2004
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VA - Leek Split Series 2 - Leek Records - 2004
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