Diversity in local music and entertainment, innovative packaging and a steady release record have made Taiwan Colors Music one of the most successful and most loved indie labels in Taiwan. Founded in 1999 by 43 Chang, a former radio station manager and music industry entrepreneur, Taiwan Colors Music began periodically releasing CDs featuring various local artists. In a country where an indie market had to be created, 43 Chang got creative with marketing his label's releases. In order to attract attention, the CDs are packaged in a sleeve the size of a 10 inch record giving more incentive for local shops to display them prominently. Furthermore, the CDs are released periodically like a magazine with a serial number like TCM015, for example. Consequently, dedicated fans look forward to them like new editions of a magazine. The liner notes are also extra-sized, some even folding out to become posters, adding more allure.

Taiwan Colors Music is mostly known for their collaborations with folk musicians like Panai and Pau-dull and other ethic artists of aboriginal, Hakka, Hokkein and Ryukyu Islander decent, but has also been a stepping stone for several taike, or Taiwan rock, bands like Chairman and BackQuarter. Other TCM bands like The Clippers and LTK Commune have experimented with contemporary western styles such as hip hop and punk, respectively. However, the label occasionally veers into theatre and radio, featuring visual artists like Mr. Eyeball and cheeky rural AM talk shows giving their series a panoramic view of Taiwan local and indie music. Their two Independent Music Compilations released in 1999 (TCM000) and 2001 (TCM015) featured many Taiwan bands for the first time on CD including some like Mayday, Champion, Sodagreen and Wonfu that would go on to see widespread popularity as well as other more indie bands like Braces, The Clones and The Clippers, giving the label a historic place in the development of Taiwan's underground. Most recently, the blues, punk and rock fusion band 88 Guava Seedz released their first album The 44 Stone Lions (TCM044) on the label keeping Taiwan Colors Music rooted in the the indie rock scene.

The label is also a well-known sponsor and organizer of music festivals that reflect the wide array of music found on the TCM releases throughout the years. While some promote a specific genre like Taik Rock, which obviously features Taiwanese rock bands, or the Am Concert showcasing aboriginal and folk music, the most popular is Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Fest, an annual battle of the bands held at Fulong Beach. TCM chooses live tracks from ten of the finalists for a yearly compilation entitled the The Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards which offers a kaleidoscopic glimpse of the indie scene with selections crossing genres from punk to hip hop, ska, pop, metal, folk and any combination of the previously listed. All of these compilations as well as several releases from underground bands are available from Pacifiction Records through special agreement.