Lead by the cute and perky vocalist Katie, the Braces are a girl band with a unique style and history. In 2001, they contributed to the second Taiwan Music Colors independent compilation with an original line-up which included A-Chang who currently strums for 88 Guava Seedz. When A-Chang left to join obligatory military service, the Braces added Yifun on guitar becoming an all-girl band and the style shifted from more from rock to indie pop. Their first EP Playground merges elements of cute innocence and upbeat mischievousness. More recently, their songs have taken on a new wave vibe with catchy keyboard melodies and disco punk rhythms as evidenced on their contributions to the Rock Records' All Star compilation as well as on their latest EP release Miss Miss.

The Braces live are quite a spectacle, which often has the band cosplaying in outrageous outfits including schoolgirl and nurse uniforms. At Spring Scream 2005, they gave a fantastic, high energy show dressed as chipmunks! A-Chang rejoined them for the set making it a very memorable night. Since then, original bass player Mmmhoo has left to play side by side with A-Chang in 88 Guava Seedz. They have also replaced their drummer for the second time but nevertheless continue to write new songs and perform. With luck the Braces will never come off!

"Tell Me"



Miss Miss - Gamaa Music - 2008
Available at Pacifiction Records!

Playground - Gamaa Music - 2004
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - All Star - Rock Records - 2006

VA - Taiwan Independent Compilation 2001 (TCM015) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2001
Available at Pacifiction Records!