A couple girl friends into cutesy fashion and homemade design projects decided to rent a studio to take pictures as if they were cool rock stars... Then they realized they could actually play well and write songs, so they started looking for other kids to make a band! Guitarist Cathy and bass player Jubow soon found Bambi, a shy boy, to play guitar and borrowed Mei Mei from Tube for drums. That's basically how Dolly's Pillbox started out making simple and cute indie pop songs.

Their first EP How Are You Today? has been self-described as a mixture of candy and medicine; to make you happy and sometimes to heal, even if bitter. The album art, designed by Cathy, is partially to memorialize her pet bunnies adding to the mixture of sad and happy emotions surrounding the band. Since they started out in late 2004, Dolly's Pillbox has played numerous shows and indie pop events like the Grass Fest. Recently replacing Bambi with Jelly on guitar, Dolly's Pillbox continues to be active yet has slowed down slightly on their touring and recording.

"Bambi Rock" - Live



How Are You Today? - Silent Agreement - 2005
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Lobo 3 - White Wabit Records - 2003
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Grass Fest 2007 - WWR - 2003
Available at Pacifiction Records!