This Taipei indie pop band led by spunky Taiwan girl Ben Ben formed in 2004 playing regularly with several local punk bands despite the obvious clash in sounds. Freckle's style consists of a hodge podge of piano pop, cute rock and perky stage charisma. Much of their catalog is self produced, most recently taking part in the Unwritten Homemade collective which also includes punk band Angry Young Man. By the time Freckle decided to disband in 2008, the group had gained a fan base among Taipei punks and indie fans alike.

When I came across Freckle at the 2005 Say Yes to Taiwan festival in Kaohsiung, they were just starting out with a piano pop style that mimicked Tizzy Bac and a set that included Cheer Chen covers. Ben Ben played Keyboards and had a flare that would grab you despite her inexperience. Two years later, I saw Freckle again at Spring Scream 2007 where they proved they had grown up. Not only was the performance more enthralling, but I could see the audience was made up of rockers I recognized from older bands like 88 Balaz, punks from new bands like Heavy Smoker and a throng of indie fans. More recently, I caught Freckle at Spring Scream 2008 where their songs were even tighter and they were even more dedicated to DIY promotion, hawking their homemade Unwritten CD/DVD collection. While Freckle has since split up, Ben Ben continues her zany mood swings in a more psychedelic post-rock band called BOYZ & GIRL.

"Fantastic Day" - Live at Spring Scream 2008



Unwritten - Self Released - 2008

I Don't Know Rock n' Roll - Self Released - 2007

VA - Grass Fest 2007 - Silent Agreement - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Lobo 2 - White Wabit Records - 2004
Available at Pacifiction Records!