Starting out in 2000 as a perky all-girl band with songs about cookies, their pets and other cutesy subjects, Peppercats saw fast popularity which helped them become finalists at the 2001 Ho-Hai-Yan indie awards. Subsequently, they joined Martian Music to make their debut recording entitled UFO. During this time Peppercats played yearly at big festivals including Spring Scream and Formoz often wearing quirky outfits that included clown wigs and neon tights.

Peppercats performed early on the Mountain Stage at Formoz 2004, so as I entered Yuanshan park I heard their punky tunes tinged with rockabilly and pop. I followed the music and found the Peppercats bouncing on stage attired in cowgirl dress making that afternoon one of my most vivid memories of Taiwan rock music. However, by Spring Scream 2005, Peppercats' line had changed leaving only the vocalist Sheria fronting the band. They still perform around the island today and have recently released Everybody is Gay, their long-awaited second album, on Martian Music.

"MAKU" - Live at Ho-Hai-Yan



Everybody is Gay - Martian Music - 2007
Available at Pacifiction Records!

UFO - Martian Music - 2001

VA - Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards 2001 - Taiwan Colors Music - 2001
Available at Pacifiction Records!