After winning the 2002 Ho-Hai-Yan indie awards, Tizzy Bac rocketed to island-wide success with their first album Anything Can Tempt Me. Soon their infectious piano pop influenced partially by the experimental approach of Tori Amos and the rock touch of Ben Folds was being played on major radio and their videos featured on local MTV. In 2003, Tizzy Bac joined the Tibetan Freedom Concert in Taipei opening for the Beastie Boys, and in 2005, they performed at Japan's summer music mecca the Fuji Rock Fest. Tizzy Bac's second release It's All my Fault... has received awards as well as positive scribblings in the blogosphere. On all their myriad works, Hui-Ting Chen leads the trio with her operatic vocals and piano musings, and while other members have simultaneously played in fellow indie bands including Green!Eyes and Peppermint, together as Tizzy Bac they form one of the most unique pop trios coming out of Asia.

"Tennessee Cha Cha" - MV





La Rose de Victor - Wonder Music - 2007

聊聊吧 - Wonder Music - 2007

It's All My Fault... - Wonder Music - 2006

夏季熱 - Wonder Music - 2005

Anything can Tempt Me - TRA Music - 2003

VA - Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards 2002 - Taiwan Colors Music - 2003
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