Won Fu, one of the wonders of the Taiwan music scene, are a hodge podge of rustic indie rock, 60's vocal pop and Mod outfitting with innocent humorous song lyrics typical of Taiwanese children's tales. Little Ming plays spasmodic rock 'n' roll guitar jerking around the stage often attired simply in a blazer and boxer shorts while the bands two girl members, Mami and Twiggy, sing back up in cute 60's dress. The group rose to popularity after appearing on the 2001 Taiwan Music Colors Indie Compilation and making it to the finals at the 2002 Ho-Hai-Yan indie music awards. Their albums released on Taiwan's Forward Music have been major successes even outside of Taiwan.

While Won Fu gained much of attention at Ho-Hai-Yan, they have also played at many other music events over the years including Formoz and Autumn Tiger. At Spring Scream the band has a tradition of signing up under a pseudonym and playing a joke set often inviting friends from other indie bands to play with them. Most recently, their adoption of Mod style has fueled their notoriety in Japan bringing them to Tokyo for 60's rock events, even performing alongside Mod-style icons like The Collectors in Tokyo. Further cementing relations with the Japanese music scene, 8-bit pop group YMCK joined Won Fu onstage at Formoz 2007 on their visit to the island. In 2009, an initiative backed by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office to send more Taiwanese indie bands overseas lead to the group's first US tour where the played up and down the west coast. Exciting, peppy and fun, Won Fu should not be passed up if given the chance to catch live.

"Everyday" - MV





The Wonderful World of Wonfu - Forward Music - 2007

Modern Monsoon Groovin' - Forward Music - 2006

???? - Forward Music - 2007

???? - Forward Music - 2007

Self Titled - Forward Music - 2006

Same Name, Same Sex - Forward Music - 2001

VA - Ho-Hai-Yan Indie Music Awards 2002 (TCM023) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2003
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Taiwan Independent Compilation 2001 (TCM015) - Taiwan Colors Music - 2001
Available at Pacifiction Records!