8mm Sky formed in 2002 as Taipei's indie scene was awakening with more and more bands turning to experimental sounds influenced by British post-rock and American indie of the 90's. From the driving creativity of bassist and frontman Peter along with Ah-longs's dynamic guitar stylings and Zen's supple drumming, the group has built an impressive repertoire of cinematic instrumentals like "Daylite Running Necessary" which lend themselves well to artistic music videos as well as more conventional melodic indie rock songs. After first appearing on White Wabbit Records' initial Lobo compilation, 8mm Sky released their much anticipated debut album Finders Keepers in 2005.

One of the most active indie bands since forming, 8mm Sky have played shows all over the island at live houses like The Wall and The Underworld and major music festivals including Spring Scream and Formoz. In reaction to a booming interest in post-rock and experimental indie, several of 8mm Sky's influences and contemporaries have been invited to Taiwan giving them a chance to be a support band for numerous exceptional groups including Múm, Explosions in the Sky and Yo La Tengo among others. 8mm Sky still perform periodically and should be seen if you are on Taiwan.

"Daylite Running Neccessary" - MV




Finders Keepers - Silent Agreement - 2006
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Lobo 1 - White Wabbit Records - 2003
Available at Pacifiction Records!