Originally based in Taipei, this emotional indie rock band chose their name SMOL which stands for "Salary Man & Office Lady," to reflect their alternate lifestyles. When they formed in 2002 with Japaneses musicians Saco and Chaka and Taiwanese bassist Olga, SMOL lead a double life meeting at the water cooler by day and playing out at dimly lit live houses by night. After recording some demo material, Saco left to work in Amsterdam while occasionally contributing new material via the internet. Chaka took over the frontman position and they added Changmao on drums to record their first album Yawaraka Flou released on 7 Inch Vinyl Records. Shortly after they contributed a song to the Lobo III compilation and also recorded a split with longtime friends Green!Eyes for Randommind Records. After another lineup change replacing, Changmao with Takenaka Kun the band announced their final tour in early 2007, however, to the delight of old SMOL fans the original members Saco, Chaka and Olga have reunited in Tokyo.

Over the years SMOL have played many indie rock events at Taipei live houses with other bands in the 7 Inch Vinyl circle like Green!Eyes, Varo and Chasing Sparrow as well as similar style effects oriented post-rock groups including Orange Grass and We Will Love Each Other Forever. During their performance, Chaka's delicate vocals flow nicely over their chiming, fuzzy indie songs while Olga keeps cool attitude and a steady bass line. They have played periodically at festivals like Spring Scream and Grass Fest and even joined Green!Eyes for a Japan tour in 2005. Despite playing their last show in Taiwan, Chaka and Olga currently reside in Japan and have continued to make experimental home recordings as Spree Day Venture.

"Spare Time" - Live



Draw a Smile - RandomMind Records - 2006

Yawaraka Flou - 7 Inch Vinyl Records - 2005
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Lobo 3 - White Wabbit Records - 2005
Available at Pacifiction Records!