As a creative technical guitarist and singer-songwriter, Easy Shen began playing the underground rock scene with the bluesy post-rock band Four Snakes and a Charm, and later, 393 B1 an experimental indie group named after the address of their rehearsal space. While all Easy's past projects were characterized by his distinct guitar style, 393 B1 stood out for its accomplishments as an indie band and talented line-up which had included Tin Pan Alley drummer Woo and bassist Eggroll who was replaced by Bruce from Tube. Before going solo, Easy recorded several demo tracks with 393 B1 and even contributed to the Lobo III compilation.

Frequent 393 B1 shows at the Underworld were a blur of fingers and fretboard as Easy strummed and hammered his songs. Straightforward drums and bass kept a steady rhythm while high pitch vocals kept the performance in the realm of modern rock music. Easy Shen, who continues to write new songs and appears regularly as a solo act with acoustic guitar in hand at live houses, should be noted as one of Taiwan's innovative musicians to arise out of the indie scene.






With 393 B1 on - VA - Lobo 3 - White Wabbit Records - 2005
Available at Pacifiction Records!