Forming in 2002 amidst a Taipei scene with burgeoning post-rock, Britpop and experimental sounds, Emily the Band was one of the first to make a name for themselves. They spent much of their early time honing their effects driven instrumentals and shoegazing rock songs, recording demo tracks and even appearing on the first White Wabbit Records Lobo compilation. Despite brief periods of hiatus due to obligatory military service, Emily kept together and their recent material with polished drones, controlled effects and mumbled lyrics that remind the listener of something between Lou Reed and The Jesus and Mary Chain attest to the group's determination.

As part of the early Taiwanese indie scene, Emily appeared regularly at places like The Wall and the Underworld. They were occasionally billed with Claire, another Britpop influenced band with a female name, at Lim Giong's outdoor Her-he party where indie bands were featured alongside electronic music. They have joined the island's major music festivals including Spring Scream and Formoz where they played to large audiences of swaying indie fans. Over the years, their sound has matured from shoegazing slow-core to a driving force of absorbing guitar sound.






VA - Lobo 1 - WWR - 2003
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