Bright, youthful and enchanting indie rock creatively pieced together by multi-instrumentalist Yuchain and backed by Tizzy Bac's Levon on bass and drummer Yushaun make up Green!Eyes. With Yuchain's use of electric and acoustic guitars, violin, ukulele and laptop generated loops, their songs wind down breezy country paths as well as up beat electronic indie pop. Green!Eyes contributed a track to the 2004 Lobo II compilation and by 2006 had recorded a split with indie rock peers SMOL entitled "Draw a Smile" for the DIY indie label Randommind Records.

Green!Eyes' performance was often a fluid progression held together by prerecorded laptop sounds as Yuchain rarely missed a beat picking up different instruments between songs. Drums and bass kept in time with the electronica and Yuchain sang his English lyrics with bright wonder. Throughout 2004, the band played around Taipei at places like The Wall and the Underworld and joined big festivals including Spring Scream and Grass Fest. They took a short break when Yushaun went to study in Japan, but are back together recording and occasionally playing out. Yuchain and Levon have also joined former Chasing Sparrow frontman Yoz in a new band called Serious!Boys.



Draw a Smile - Randommind Records - 2006

VA - Lobo 2 - White Wabbit Records - 2004
Available at Pacifiction Records!