Having formed in 1997, Nipples made up the early Taipei post-rock scene alongside contemporaries Sugar Plum Ferry. Due to their experimental approach to rock as well as female bassist KK, the band has drawn comparisons to Sonic Youth, admittedly one of their influences. Nipples' songs vary between more structured compositions with KK's airy vocals and meandering instrumentals that crescendo with thrashing noise. In order to release their material, KK created White Wabbit Records, now a local staple that has released various local projects over the years and distributed hip foreign indie music around the island. Nipples appeared on the first two Lobo compilations and also released two full-length albums titled James' Autumn and Sorry all on White Wabbit Records.

Nipples most often organized events alongside their labelmates Peppermint and Bad Daughter at The Wall Live House located in the same complex as the White Wabbit Orange record shop. One such event was billed as Sorry Youth, a tribute night to Sonic Youth, with all the participating bands covering the legendary NYC art punk group. Nipples were also known for appearing at TRA run festivals like Say Yes to Taiwan, Formoz and Autumn Tiger where they opened up for Mogwai in 2004. Aside from playing in Taiwan, Nipples were one of the first Taiwanese indie bands to make an exchange with Japan playing shows in Tokyo as well as supporting Japanese artists like Rico for their appearances on the island. Before disbanding in 2005, Nipples were involved with Alternative Media generator, a drive for quality public broadcasting in Taiwan, and they played a benefit with protest rockers Black Hand Nakasi. While Nipples disbanded in 2005, KK and guitarists Yi-Jyun Wu, Kevin Suu have progressed in Aphasia, their recent edgy and engaging indie project.

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Sorry - White Wabbit Records - 2004
Available at Pacifiction Records!

James' Autumn - White Wabbit Records - 2003
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Lobo 2 - White Wabbit Records - 2004
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Lobo 1 - White Wabbit Records - 2003
Available at Pacifiction Records!