Starting in 2004, Orange Grass created a buzz in the college rock circuit with indie rock songs that challenged the typical slow shoegazer music that dominated the Taipei scene. Despite being only a three piece band, Orange Grass contained a full sound with lead guitarist Clark's inventive approach to guitar effects. They contributed to the third Lobo compilation and also released a mini-album entitled Rainbow 4am on the local White Wabbit Records. The band also contributed to the soundtrack for indie screenwriter Enno Cheng's A Summer's Tail and even made a cameo in the film.

Fresh, youthful and effects driven, the band took to the stages of local live houses like The Wall and the Underworld alongside similar indie bands like SMOL and We Will Love Each Other Forever and quickly became favorites among indie scenesters. Over the years, Orange Grass has played at major festivals like Spring Scream and Formoz where they played on the same stage as Yndi Hald and Yo La Tengo. The group continues to be a major attraction at annual events across Taiwan.

Live at Megaport Festival



Rainbow 4am - White Wabbit Records - 2003
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Music from A Summer's Tail - White Wabbit Records - 2008
Available at Pacifiction Records!

VA - Lobo 3 - White Wabbit Records - 2005
Available at Pacifiction Records!